Orange Bits: The Growlers Released a New Album, Dusty Rhodes Have Two New Songs (?) and Stereofix Asks Fans for Money

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Mary Bell/OC Weekly
Here it is! ​The weekly list of links to music coverage (that we didn't write) around the OC music blogosphere. 

  • Costa Mesa's the Growlers released their new album, Hot Tropics, this weekIt is streaming for free exclusively on Filter's website. [Filter]
  • Dusty Rhodes and the River Band released two new songs this week, leaving fans confused and hopeful. The songs are available on iTunes and are streaming on their Facebook. [Facebook]
  • Stereofix is asking fans to help raise money for their next EP. They are offering prizes for fans' donations ranging from a copy of the eventual EP to a signed Fender Stratocaster and VIP tickets to their record release party. [Facebook]
  • Brit-rockers James received good reviews from the OC Register for their House of Blues Anaheim show this week. It was described as inspiring and "uplifiting." [OCR]
  • The OC Register checked in with Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi in anticipation for his show on Monday at the Fox Theater in Pomona. Good news: he says Sigur Ros have new albums in their future, despite their hiatus. [OCR]

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