Gettin' Made: Under My Umbrella-ella-ella-ella

Rain--do you love it? Hate it? Wish you could make like a 5-year-old and go run around naked in it? (I'm not saying you can't, I'm just saying if you're at work you should probably wait until you're on a lunch break to do so.) Rain's the inspiration for this group of unique umbrella crafts from the talented artisans on Etsy--let's take a look!

Red Umbrella mobile by Gosh and Golly

After the jump, more umbrellas to accompany your rainy day.

"I'm Sorry But You Were Holding Me Back" print by Groundwork

I love the gloomy quality of the rain and puddles, and the bright happy contrast of the striped umbrella in this piece.

Spiderweb Parasol by Parasols by Tamie

This spiderweb umbrella would be the perfect accessory to bust out on rainy Halloween nights, or any night if you're of the goth persuasion.

Rainy Days locket necklace by Trinkets for Keeps

Umbrella and Cloud earrings by Theiae

Here's a couple of cute umbrella pieces that allow you to wear your love of rainy days out about town. Be a champion for the foul weather and wear these on the sunniest of days!

It's your turn, folks! Do you enjoy rain or hate it? What's your favorite craft to do when you're stuck inside on a stormy day? Post your answers in the comments!

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