Gettin' Made: Craft Book Giveaway Bonanza!

I had the chance to check out two new craft book titles from Chronicle Books this weekend, and I'm excited to share them with you!


After the jump, read about Amy Butler's Style Stitches and Creative, Inc. - and enter to win one of 5 free books from Chronicle Books!


Amy Butler's Style Stitches is one of the prettiest sewing books I've seen in a while. It's chock full of fabulous page design and stunning photography, not to mention it contains detailed directions and 12 complete sewing patterns to help you create 26 different handbags!


The Perfectly Pleated Clutch bag on page 65 is one of my favorites in the book. Directions are included to create three different sizes of this bag. Couple that with the zillions of potential fabric combinations you could come up with and you could sew up this clutch over and over without ever creating the same bag twice.


I really appreciate the detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions in this book. It really guides you through the process, with clear instructions on how to alter dimesions, straps and embellishments to create variations on the basic patterns. Having the printed out, actual size patterns included in a pouch in the back of the book is super handy as well!

On the next page, get your creative business in check with Creative, Inc.

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