Celebrity Spotting via Twitter at the Justin Bieber Concert: Kobe Bryant, Jasmine Villegas, Jaden Smith and More

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Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

Were you at the Justin Bieber concert last night? Because we couldn't really bring ourselves to witness it, we cobbled together a vision of the night's show via Twitter. Unfortunately, there wasn't much variety--and there were only four kinds of tweets coming out of Honda Center last night:

1. The Histrionic

saabbrrriiinnaa: JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the honda center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

Karsonly: Had the best time at Justin Bieber concert last night had so much fun and after I chased his bus down the street! Untill my mom yelled at me.
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
2. The Overly Effusive
iluvpurple14: Justin Bieber+Honda Center = AMAZINGLY AWESOME SHOW!! Haha i am and always will be a belieber! <333 i love you

3. The Celebrity Spotters

 Aliantel: Kobe Bryant and family is sitting next to the @Aliantel nbsp;reserved rows at the Justin Bieber concert at Honda Center.

oceanup: Jaden Smith is at the Justin Bieber show TODAY in Anaheim CA!

MaryPerson: Jaden and Justin are doing the 'dougie'

agattbieber: Jasmine Villegas kicked out of the concert Justin Bieber! hahahah its so good

4. The Moms

jbusmcfan: The JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT WAS AMAZiNG and can't wait to got to Saturdays show, JustinWolfPack please come thru....for my daughter.

SimplyRosey: Guilty as charged. I took my little one to aJustin bieber concert last night. Needless to say, The moms were acting like groupies.

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