10 Video Game Halloween Costumes--For Your Dog!

5. Pikachu
(from the Pokémon series)
Halloween Pikachu Dog.jpg
Poor dog. Look at him, he's trying to play it cool despite the slightly less-than-cool Pikachu hoodie he's forced to wear. Although he isn't too thrilled that he's wearing a Pikachu costume, there's no doubt how cute he looks.

4. Link (from The Legend of Zelda series)
Halloween Link Dog.jpg
Geekologie Reader Natalia
Natalia over at Geekologie must be a huge Zelda fan, considering that she named her dog Link and dressed him up as the Legend of Zelda character of the same name. Just about every component of Link's costume is here; his Hyrulian shield, the green tunic, and the Master Sword on the correct side.

3. The Prince
(from the Katamari Damacy series)
Halloween Katamari Dog.jpg
Victoria's Camp Designs
There's no better way to declare how much of a game geek you are this Halloween than to dress up your dog as The Prince from the quirky Katamari Damacy games. the only things missing from this costume is a ball, attached with miniature buildings, mountains, and wiggling people.

2. Amaterasu
(from the Okami series)
Halloween Okami Dog.jpg
Amaterasu, the protagonist of the under-appreciated game Okami, gets a great costume that only hardcore gamers will recognize. Bonus points for the dog looking fairly cute, and must have been patient with the whole thing.

1. Fox McCloud
(from the Star Fox series)
Halloween Fox McCloud Dog.jpg
Fox McCloud is down! Perhaps he should have done that barrel roll after all.

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