Obama-Palin Comics: Heal Our Country by Putting the Right Words in Archie's Mouth

Archie O-P cover 1.jpg
Archie Comics/Dan Parent and Tito Pena
Oh, comic book publishers, how you love to splash President Obama and Resident Crazy Palin on your covers. It's a compulsion with you people, isn't it? It's like watching an alcoholic try to convince you that he can stop at anytime while scouring the house for a bottle of vanilla extract to shove down his gullet (yes, I'm still haunted by Tom Hanks's turn as drunk Uncle Ned on Family Ties). 

Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Bluewater Productions, Devil's Due Publishing, Papercutz. You all whored out your covers and pages for a quick buck, and now look what's happened. You've got poor, old Archie Comics debasing itself by following your example. At least, Archie is trying a different tact by getting the two pols to push aside partisan politics and come together over matching sweater vests. 

Obama and Palin will be appearing in two issues--#616 and #617--and we decided Archie Comics needed a little assistance to make the cover of that first issue pop off shelves. Find out how you can help after the jump.

So what can you do to add some pizazz to the first issue of this momentous Obama-Palin team-up? Write your own word balloon for Archie Andrews as he watches the president and former governor of Alaska suck down a milkshake. Leave your suggestions in the comments section, and we'll run some of our favorites next week.

Archie O-P cover 2.jpg
Archie Comics/Dan Parent and Tito Pena

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