Justin Nozuka Wants To Give You a Free T-Shirt

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It may not be the shirt off his back, but Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Nozuka is all about giving clothing away to his fans. Well, at least the ones who know the magic word. 

Though we're sure most Nozuka fanatics religiously scan his Twitter for show specials like this, we figured the rest of you might wanna know how to cop yourself a free Nozuka T-shirt if you're heading to tonight's gig at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Simply be one of the first five people to go up to the merch booth and say the word "Moonshine." Yep, it's that easy. 

Those looking to crystallize their memories of Nozuka's latest US/Canadian tour with a coveted concert tee will definitely wanna high tail it there early. On the heels of his latest album, You I Wind, Land& Sea,  the 21-year-old soul singer continues to make the ladies swoon with acoustic, beach-weather jams like "My Heart is Yours." Whether that's actually true or not, at least tonight you'll get a crack at one of his t-shirts.

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