How Viral Can it Go? The GIF-Heavy Girl Talk Tribute Video

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Screen capture
Friends forever.
I can't recall being as mesmerized yet incredulous at an Internet video as I am by this invention from artist/viral marketer (yick, but he's apparently good at it) Evan Roth. It's a ten-minute video made up of animated GIFs--seemingly every one that ever was posted to a message-board thread, ever--set to the music of mashup master Girl Talk's seminal Night Ripper.

In a few ways, it is the perfect visual companion to Girl Talk, delivering both the dumb joy of recognition ("Hey, I remember the dancing baby!") and the dumb joy of dance music. The idea behind it is basically silly and has been tried before but, like Greg Gillis's mixes, hasn't been done quite as satisfyingly as this. And yet you feel dirty for liking it.

It should also make obsolete. 

Give yourself a ten minute break and watch below.

Cache Rules Everything Around Me from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Hat tip to Pitchfork.

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