Grand Lake Covers Theme Song from Nickelodeon Show 'The Adventures of Pete and Pete.'

In the interest of nostalgia and daydreaming of life before the Internet, we present: Grand Lake's cover of Polaris song "Hey Sandy," better known as the famed theme song to the Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete and Pete

According to Grand Lake frontman Caleb Nichols, he met the Polaris' Mark Mulcahy when he was16 and was uber-thrilled to meet the guy who wrote the soundtrack to his favorite show.

Nichols says, "There seems to be quite a bit of debate about what the actual lyrics are to this song are. I decided to sing the lyrics the way I remember them from childhood--so firstly, I left out the second verse, and secondly I sang the chorus 'Hey Sandy, does your dog bite?'"
Grand Lake
"I also sing 'It's very strange' as the first line--because that's what I always thought it was."

Actually, Caleb, it's "hey smiling strange!" Grand Lake is now promoting their full length Blood Sea Dream. No SoCal dates yet, but watch out for their Daytrotter session in October.

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