Gettin' Made: Apples for Teacher

The school year's gettin under way, and what better way to get in good with the teachers in your life than to present them with some great handmade apple crafts from Etsy? Let's take a look at some (red) delicious options!

Homemade Apple Pie by Oh So Delicoius

The way to an A can be paved with baked goods like this homemade apple pie from Oh So Delicoius! 

After the jump, more polished apples to present to your toughest of educators this fall.

Apples still life painting by Linwood

Want something that'll last a little longer than an apple pie? An inexpensive painting of tart green apples will stick around much, much longer.

Vintage-inspired Market Fresh Apples apron by Boojiboo

Can't decide if your teacher is a red or green apple type? Cover both bases with this retro looking apron featuring a fun allover apple design.

Caramel Apple hand-carved stamp by Cupcake Tree

Looking for a  fun, functional gift your teacher can use over and over again? Hand-carved stamps are the answer. Sweeten up any of their "see me after class" notes with a caramel apple stamp and a coordinating stamp pad.

Green Glass Apple necklace by ACGA

Apple-polishers and the teachers they brownnose alike will swoon over the shiny glass used in this apple necklace--it's sure to turn some heads and maybe even boost your grade a notch or two!

Your turn, folks--have you seen some supercute apple-themed art or crafts on Etsy? Share your favorites in the comments.

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