Disney Makes a Parody of Double Rainbow Video for New Movie 'Tangled'

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Disney Enterprises, Inc
Really, Disney? Movieviral.com reports that Tangled, the alternative, animated story of Rapunzel set for release on Nov. 24, just released a parody of the viral video "Double Rainbow" as a marketing ploy.

Titled "Double Tower," it apparently is the first of five viral videos the marketing team is planning to release. After finding out that Tangled is about a girl who "has been grounded all her life" and a thief who hides in her tower, we're sure that the "Tower Intruder Song," parodying the "Bed Intruder Song," is somewhere in the Disney marketing lineup. How can it not be?

Watch both the original "Double Rainbow" and the parody after the jump.
Until now, all the marketing that's been done for the film (which also stars Mandy Moore as the voice of Rapunzel) has involved concept art (and this teaser).

The original Double Rainbow video, now with more than 14 million views!

"Double Tower," as found by Flynn Rider (and voiced by Zachary LeviIn):  

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