Bad Grammar in Song Lyrics, Featuring Gwen Stefani, Rage Against the Machine, Sublime and Lady Gaga

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Heard Mentality stumbled upon comedy site Am I Right, which calls out bad grammar in various songs. While the list is skimpy at best, we combed through it and found a few local acts in the mix. As a grammar teacher said, "You could get lost in this...."

Gwen Stefani

"Bubble Pop Electric"
The Lyrics:
 I'm restless, can't you see I try my bestest...
Why: It should be, "...I try my best". But whatever, Gwen's amazing and she can do whatever she wants!!

"Rich Girl"
The Lyrics:
 If I was a rich girl.
Why: That's wrong. It's supposed to be "If I WERE a rich girl."

Rage Against the Machine 

Rage Against The Machine - No Shelter
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"No Shelter"
The Lyrics: There be no shelter here.
Why: It should be "there IS no shelter here."



Sublime - Santeria
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The Lyrics: I ain't got no crystal ball
Why: Of course. The classic "I ain't got no" line.

Lady Gaga

"Bad Romance"

The Lyrics: You and me could write a bad romance.
Why: It should be you and I could write a bad romance. You wouldn't say "Me write a bad romance," would you?

Like we said, there wasn't much on the site, but what songs SHOULD be on this list? Leave your suggestions in the comments below. 

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