10 Most Unique Ways to Play the 'Super Mario Bros' Theme Song (NSFW)

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Believe it or not, but it was on this very week 25 years ago that Nintendo of Japan released Super Mario Bros. for the Famicom system is Japan. Even after two and a half decades, the game continues to be popular in the young gaming crowd, and still holds fond memories for those old enough to remember the game back when it was released in 1985. Today, "Super Mario" is a household name just as much as it was 25 years ago.

The unforgettable Mario Bros theme song for has been just as popular as (if not more than) the game itself. People across the world, whether they play video games or not, have fallen in love with the whimsical and catchy melody written by renowned Nintendo composer Koji Kondo. For the past 25 years, fans across the world have also learned to perform the theme song in all sorts of strange ways. Abandoning typical musical instruments, these unique fans use just about anything- from bottles, rulers, and body parts in order to come up with interesting ways to play the Mario Bros theme song that they've grown up with.

In honor of Mario's 25th Birthday, the following is a list of the most strange and unique ways people have performed the theme song of Super Mario Bros.

10) Cell Phone Dialer

Everyone has played "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on their phone at one point or another. However, it takes a special kind of talent to play the Super Mario theme song using only the melodies of their old phone dialers.

9) Throat Harmonics

Practicing a musical method known as "throat harmonics," individuals are able to make music by the manipulation of the mouth and throat in order to create various notes. Unfortunately, flicking one's adam's apple a couple dozen times probably won't be the most comfortable way to make music. At the 30 second mark, this young man even had to take a break from this painful musical technique.

8) Hand Farting

In a world in which the success of music is based on how attractive the musician is, the art of hand farting is often overshadowed. Requiring skill and patience alike, hand farter Gerry Phillips has been perfecting this musical talent for almost 40 years. Here, he plays various musical pieces from Super Mario Bros, including the underground levels, water worlds, and even the death song.

7) Beatboxing

"My name is Hikakin. I'm Japanese Beatboxer."

That's how this popular beatboxer introduces himself on various websites, and that's really all you need to know. Also referred to as "the Human Sound System", he beatboxes various other video game songs, and even throws in some Lady GaGa into his repertoire.

6) A Ruler

Unique Youtube musician "Kippe" probably writes his music notes down as inches instead of notes when composing songs.

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