Steven Tyler New 'American Idol' Judge

Categories: music news
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
MSNBC reported yesterday that Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler is the new American Idol judge, although Fox officially says "no comment." 
Apparently negotiations were finalized late last week, meaning Tyler got his request for a top-notch wardrobe and makeup team on hand at all times. Don't know if that top-notch wardrobe includes glittery Sketchers, but at least Joe Perry won't be pushing him off the stage while he's sitting on a judges' table.
Jennifer Lopez (who asked for a salary of $20 million--plus her own hair, makeup, styling team and "dressing room compound"--is supposedly out of the running now; we think American Idol producers should just heed our suggestions and pick one of these five rock stars to be a judge, since they desperately need someone to replace both Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

In the meantime, watch that hilarious video of Perry bumping Tyler offstage.

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