Gettin' Made: It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Relish in another work week almost over! In honor of the weekend, I've found some great boozy-themed Etsy selections to satisfy your distinguished drinky tastes and get the party started right.

Bee stainless steel flask by Cosmic Firefly

You can hardly be called a drunkard if you're sporting a flask as "fly" as this one, right?


After the jump, more alcohol-themed finds to get your weekend rolling.

"Nuns Party for your Birthday" card by Frantic Meerkat

Gettin' Made featured artist Kim of Frantic Meerkat's got a slew of boozy-themed cards in her shop, so pick one up for every single one of your tipsy friends. The inside of this card reads "Heaven help us".

"Imbiber of Gin" necklace by GinFish

The perfect accessory for a Friday night out on the town is a necklace sporting one of those little labels that hang on classy vintage booze decanters. It tells the world, "I'm here. And I like to party."

Budweiser tin whistles by Loran Scruggs

If the harder liquor's not your thing but you'd still like to make an impression on your drinky outing, bring along one of these tin whistles made from real beer bottlecaps! And just like alcoholics, no two are quite alike.

"Where Everyone Knows Your Name" beer earrings from Very Vintage

If you're a more demure drinker, though, someone who likes to be a little more quiet and refined with your boozing it up, maybe these vintage beer stein earrings are a better fit. They're quiet and dainty, just like you before you've downed three pitchers of Hefeweizen.


Don't forget, we're giving away 5 pairs of tickets to this weekend's Unique OC at The Lab! Leave a comment here before 5pm Friday, August 13 and you'll be automatically entered to win! Chat as much as you like on the comments, but only one entry per person will be counted. Winners will be picked at random and notified via email, and their names will be on record at the door as a bunch of winners!

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