Gettin' Made: Rhapsody in Blue Platypus

One of the great things about checking out indie craft shows is seeing work that you know is going places. At last spring's Patchwork craft fair in Santa Ana, I visited the Blue Platypus booth and fell in love with every single t-shirt there. The designs are vintage-inspired, but are given a flair that makes them unique and fresh instead of stodgy and old feeling. Check out a few Blue Platypus gems with me!

Jackalope Trailer tee by Blue Platypus

After the jump, more graphic tee goodness from this Southern California based tee company.

Afro Lights tee by Blue Platypus

When I saw this shirt, I immediately thought of the movie Black Dynamite. If you haven't seen that movie, it's a definite 10 thumbs up - rent it, then buy this shirt and be the best funky 70s version of yourself you can be.

Sailor shirt by Blue Platypus

Summer's still got a few weeks left, this tee would be right at home on a day trip out to Catalina! 

The Dogs tee by Blue Platypus

I love how some dogs have a super-iconic, easy to recognize shape to them - these cute French Bulldogs have a whimsical print contained within their silhouettes to add to the charm!

You can find out more about Blue Platypus by visiting their website. Like 'em already? Tell them so on Facebook!

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