Gettin' Made: New Critter Kits Available from Morehouse Farms!

Knitters, if you haven't seen the Morehouse Farm online shop you're missing out. The New York-based company is not only known for including pictures of their adorable farm animals in e-mail updates, but also for offering some of the cutest animal-themed knitting patterns around. (A few Christmases ago, I made some of their lobster mittens for my sisters and they were such a hit!) If you're thinking of creating your Christmas presents by hand this year, now's the time to start working on projects so you don't feel rushed when December rolls around--and Morehouse Farm has your back with a bunch of new Critter Kits for all your gift-making needs! Let's take a look at some of their new animal offerings:
Dachshund Scarf by Morehouse Farm

I love that you can take this little wiener dog with you wherever you go, with no mess to clean up ever! After the jump, some more new supercute Critter Kits.

Poodle Scarf by Morehouse Farm

Looking for a girlier dog scarf? Then you'll probably want to knit up this Poodle Scarf instead. I'm loving the pom poms on the feet, head and tail.

Snail Scarf by Morehouse Farm

This snail is actually a hat and scarf combo. It's ingenious in that like a snail, the scarf body is attached to the hat shell, keeping both pieces conveniently together. I'd also imagine having the two pieces attached at the back of the wearer's head like that would help keep the neck a little warmer, too!

Frog Scarf by Morehouse Farm

You shouldn't be licking toads in the first place, but keep that in mind especially with these knitted up frog scarves. You don't want a mouthful of yarny fuzz, do you? I guess it would add more fiber to your diet, yuk yuk yuk!

Owl Mittens by Morehouse Farm

If you're not big on scarves, never fear - Morehouse Farm has your hands covered, too. Check out these great owl mittens with piercing gold eyes!


To learn more about Morehouse Farm, visit their website.

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