Gettin' Made: Berndt to a Crisp

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Admit it, we're all into a little pop-culture icon loving to some extent. Three cheers to Shari Bonnin of Bonnin Designs for bringing Etsy seller Berndt Offerings to my attention. Vicki Berndt's intricately painted depictions of iconic music, art and tv stars are applied to things like altar candles and rosaries, taking hero worship to a whole new level.

Saint Lucy rosary by Berndt Offerings

After the jump, bow down to some more delightfully irreverent pieces from Berndt Offerings.

Big Eyed Courtney candle by Berndt Offerings
Can we light this candle for dear old Courtney Love and her heart shaped box in hopes that she'll someday be a little more coherent in her Twitters?

Big Boy Achieves Enlightenment necklace by Berndt Offerings
In a lot of ways, Big Boy never left. Pat yourself on the back if you can remember where that came from. I really want one of these tasty necklaces!

Saint Frida Kahlo candle by Berndt Offerings
Say a few words for famous Frida's unibrow, and pray that you don't start growing one of your own.

Saint Winehouse pendant by Berndt Offerings
Whatever happened to Amy Winehouse? It sort of seems like she dropped off the face of the earth - let's wear this pendant in hopes that she finally stopped saying no, no, no and went to rehab. (Even though the non-rehab Amy stories are pretty fun to read.)


For more information on Berndt Offerings, check out the Etsy site or the artist's website.

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