Free Ticket Tuesdays: 10 Pairs of Something Corporate Tickets

Joe Lemke
Something Corporate is performing a hometown show on Friday after about six years (?), and we're giving away 10 pairs of tickets! Check out our interview with bassist Kevin "Clutch" Page here.

Find out how after the jump.

In the story, you'll find out that:
1. they're not debuting brand-new material.
2. they're pretty vague when talking about the future of SoCo, preferring to finish out this round before committing to plans beyond that.
3. they make no promises--other than the one to serve up a damn good time for the fans who have been waiting.

This means you have to see them now because you never know if this reunion is going to last.
Aaand to do that, you have to join our contest by telling us in the comments:

What's your favorite SoCo memory?

Make sure to put your whole name in the comments so we can leave your name at Will Call.

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