Battle Report: Blake Lively Uses Comic-Con to Bring Out Her Big Guns

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Katy Perry might have fired the first shot in this year's Boob War, but it looks like Blake Lively might be the one to fire the last one that ends it all.

Our battle report shows who has the advantage.

After this summer, Katy's boobs are going to need to take a vacation. 
They've been on the offensive ever since "California Gurls" dropped. She's had them raising up Old Glory and the Union Jack. She's coquettishly gone topless for Esquire UK. Although we can't confirm it, we also think she tried to convince BP to use them to cap the Gulf oil leak.

So it's no surprise that her latest salvos seem a bit weak. As part of the publicity push for her Teenage Dream album, Katy's squeezed herself into a pleather bikini, returning to her reliable strategy of packing her tits into something tight and arching her back. Even hanging out on the beach in the Bahamas becomes an opportunity for Katy to tell the world, "These babies own you, bitches!" (Although not nearly with the same gusto she's shown in the past.) 

​That's a lot of work to keep your breasts up in everyone's business. But you can't knock the effectiveness.

Until you check out Blake Lively's strategy.

Never one to be demure about showing off her Gossip Girls (New York magazine actually pointed out when she covered them up), Blake unleashed an A-bomb at San Diego Comic-Con when she attended the Green Lantern panel dressed in a top whose neckline made the word plunging sound like an understatement.
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

Katy, it looks like you've met the enemy, and not only is she not intimidated by your arsenal, she's brazen enough to face you head(lights) on. 

Boob War just heated up. We're a nipple slip away from DEFCON 1.

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