The Snubbing of Art Whore: All Media Open Call for Irvine Fine Arts Center

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Those monsters at Irvine Fine Arts Center
How dare they?
They're having yet another of their juried All Media exhibitions in November and they still haven't invited Art Whore to be a juror!
I tried to be subtle last year, but nooooooooo...Must I throw myself at their feet and beg?
Instead of choosing me, a lowly art critic who gives them stellar reviews and is read by dozens, they chose (instead) the insanely talented Karen Moss, Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Programs at Orange County Museum of Art and the curator of the awesome "15 Minutes of Fame: Portraits from Ansel Adams to Andy Warhol" (running thru Sept. 19), as well as last year's mind-boggling "The Moving Image: Scan to Screen, Pixel to Projection" exhibits.
<sad face>

Well, if I have to lose to someone, at least I'm losing to Moss, whose work I'm kind of enamored with...but, um, that's for another column.
So, I'm going to man up here and suggest you participate.
Go ahead.
Give her so much to look at that she'll never want to do it again...and let her story be a lesson for IFAC.
For more information, see below...or just click above for the prospectus.
They'll never know what hit them.


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