50 Cent Has Too Much Time on Twitter: Photoshops Himself as Hitler, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Hannibal Lecter

Categories: wtf
OMG OMG What does it all mean? Exploring the wonders of his Twitter/Twitpic account, 50 Cent today Photoshopped himself in photos of nefarious world villains, with only these explanations as captions: "Twitter will never be the same Don't miss it" or " 50 will not let up 12pm tomorrow Total mayhem."

Everyone's digging the loony marketing ploy--and I must say we're totally curious...better check out 50's Twitter tomorrow at noon!

50 Cent as Adolf Hitler

Check out more photos after the jump. 50 Cent as Osama Bin Laden

50 Cent as Hannibal Lecter

50 Cent as Saddam Hussein

50 Cent as maybe Fidel Castro, but his caption says Angry Old Man

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