So What If You Missed Lilith? Twitter Tells All

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Megan Strouse
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Due to family obligations, day jobs and matters of taste, OC Weekly couldn't cover the Lilith fair stop at Irvine (which their Web site called the LA stop, duh) last Saturday. As Entertainment Weekly said, "by the time Lilith rolled into Irvine, Calif.'s Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, it felt a little bit like attending the funeral of something that wasn't quite dead." So while it didn't seem like we missed much, we went on Twitter to check out what really happened. Sure, there were stellar performances by Brandi Carlile and Melissa Lambert, but otherwise...well, read for yourself:

Drunken buffoons attempting mating and math...ugh.

There was lots of random sexism about Lilith that night, from lesbian drama to overall fashion, which made it seem as if Lilith's lineup and audience reinforced stereotypes more than it broke through barriers.

Er...I wonder what the sitcom was. Maybe the organizers didn't like the lineup either.
So the festival donates its proceeds to various women's charities but promotes smoking?! Wtf.


Actually, this doesn't sound like such a bad thing--if you're on your period.
Picture 14.png
In what planet can Emmylou Harris and Sarah Mclachlan's music be too loud? If I ever went to a concert and whined about the volume, please shoot me in the eardrum.

Picture 2.png
Picture 10.png
And lastly, so what if we missed it? It seemed like everyone else did, too.

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