Tomorrow: The Giant Orange Festival

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Lilledeshan Bose
The English Beat headline the Giant Orange Festival
Perhaps even more than the OC Fair, the Giant Orange Festival over in Irvine's Great Park is a classic example of "put everything together and see what works" in action--all in the space of a day.  Is it an '80s revival concert due to the presence (in one form or another) of bands like the English Beat and Bow Wow Wow? Is it Lil Jon out to make the case that crunk-and his image-wasn't just a punchline for Dave Chappelle? Is it the fact that there's a celebrity chef feature that has Judy Tenuta as a host? Our conclusion? Just go and slamdance a bit, because you know others will want to.

The Giant Orange Festival will be held on Saturday, noon to 10 p.m. at Irvine's Great Park, $20, (949) 218-0866.

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