Orange Bits: Avenged Sevenfold, Dick Dale, Dahga Bloom

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This week in music news from other places, Huntington Beach's Avenged Sevenhold sits at the center of coverage and controversy at the Los Angeles Times....

  • First, a Calendar-section profile of the band goes deep into the way that their new album was affected by grief following the death of drummer Jimmy Sullivan. [LAT]

  • The same week, though, the Times runs a scathing review of that very album. [LAT]

  • That review brings out a legion of horrified Avenged Sevenfold fans, so many that the Times blogs about it. [LAT]

  • Register music critic Ben Wener really dug Lyle Lovett's set at the Grove, but we really dug learning that he brought his ex-wife and ex-in-laws to the show. [OC Register]

  • The scoop out of an interview with Aerosmith's drummer ahead of an Irvine date for the band: Aerosmith is not working on a new album. Shed your tears. [OCR]

  • Pinback gets taken aback at the Coach House by the fact that their audience was dining. [OCR]

  • Forget learning about how Foghat and Blue Öyster Cult did at the Pacific Amphiteatre; instead, indulge the reviewer as he fantasizes about a "rock commissioner." [OCR]

  • Faith Hill: The "down-to-earth-diva" who can't fill the Amphitheatre. [OCR]

  • From whence came those fumes at the Ziggy Marley show at the fairgrounds? (Hint: marijuana) Says a commenter, "Apparently a family of skunks invaded Pacific in the off-season." [OCR]

  • Adam Lambert at the Pacific Amphitheatre: He still gives "playful licks" to other male band members. [LA Times]

  • Medical problems caused Dick Dale to call of a tour of Japan--but not a Coach House show. He explains. [LAT]

  • OC Gazette inexplicably asks Dahga Bloom what they thought of what Weekly contributor Danielle Bacher wrote about them. [OCG]

  • OC/LBC punk legends John Doe and Exene Cervenka will headline San Pedro's Lobsterfest. Hmm. [Buzzbands LA]

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