Local Natives Stream Live Set From Paris On Facebook At Noon Today

Local Natives 1.jpg
The title pretty much tells you every thing you need to know, but we'd like to invite you to slice an hour or so out of your Monday work schedule (we know, you were having so much fun) and get over to Local Natives' Facebook  page pronto--or at least by noon. 

They'll be streaming one of their entire live sets, performed earlier this year in Paris at La Maroquinerie. Even though we were scooped on this by a blog from Kentucky, it's great to see sounds of the Natives getting noticed--and streamed--by audiences from here to Japan (the show is streaming around the world at different times, cool). Um, a suggestion: when your boss comes by to see what you're up to, make sure to have a pop-up Excel spreadsheet at the ready. Check out a preview of the show below, including the band's performance "Stranger Things.".

"Stranger Things"

Preview Of Local Natives Live From Paris: "Stranger Things" from Local Natives on Vimeo.

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