Local Natives at the Pitchfork Music Festival 2010 in Chicago

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Jason Stoff/Denver Westword
So LA via OC band Local Natives were documented at Pitchfork by our sister publication Denver Westord (check out the slideshow
  • "Local Natives' harmonies sounded impressively tight, despite some sound problems." - Stereogum
  • "Local Natives played most of their debut LP "Gorilla Manor" to a massive crowd on the side stage"-Billboard
  • "Local Natives was great, however, getting toward the back of the reach of the Stage's sound made hearing the performance difficult.  It seemed this smaller stage, once reserved for DJ's was over booked with bigger acts and the system couldn't accommodate the crowd.  Acts like Local Natives, Neon Indian, and Sleigh Bells just weren't loud enough if you weren't in front of the sound booth."-Chicago Now

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