Gettin' Made: Pay it Forward

I was recently searching for something on Etsy (possibly fabulous goodies to share with you fine folks!), and found an interesting acronym in the title of a few items. Upon clicking the mysterious PIF items, I discovered a whole grouping of indie arts and crafts I hadn't seen before. A selection of items priced so low, the whole point of the listing is to do something nice and give you an amazing deal. Sounds pretty great, doesn't it?

Matchbook mini notebooks by Red Curry Designs

After the jump, learn more about how Pay it Forward on Etsy works and see some more low-priced items!

"Pay it forward" in itself is a pretty well-known concept. Someone does something nice for you, and your payment for that is to do something nice for someone else. And they pass that niceness on to someone else, and so on and so on. Pay it Forward on Etsy works the same way: When you purchase a Pay it Forward item, you're getting an amazing deal on earrings, or soap, or a crochet pattern, with the understanding that you'll pass that kindness on by listing a Pay it Forward item in your own shop or by just doing something nice for someone else. It's that simple. Now let's check out some more Pay it Forward items!

Fish earrings by Corilightfoot

These simple silver earrings are available for only 20 cents! While there's a wide range of pricepoints when you shop the Pay it Forward listings, a lot of items are listed at only 20 cents - basically you're just paying the fee Etsy charges for a crafter to list an item (plus shipping depending on the shop you're buying from).

Heirloom daisy seeds from Seven Acre Woods

I love the idea of buying seeds from a Pay it Forward listing! You could take the good will one step further - buy these seeds and plant them in an empty lot to brighten up your neighborhood!

Floral headband by Hot Rod Babies

This headband listing is proof you can still look fabulous on a shoestring budget! Want to find your own low-priced Etsy items? Just do a search for PIF or Pay it Forward, and you'll be amazed at some of the deals that come up!

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