Gettin' Made: Freaky Friday

It's time for another installment of Freaky Friday! To celebrate the end of another work week, let's take a look at a few outstanding selections from the vast array of indie arts and crafts on Etsy that the creators themselves have bestowed with the search keyword "freaky."

"Cheers" limited edition screenprint by DWitt
After the jump, check out more strangely, bizarrely, awesomely, freaky handmade arts and crafts to celebrate the weekend.

"Penguin Dog" by Lucy Roberts
I love that Lucy Roberts rescues used Beanie Babies from thrift stores and garage sales to whip up her twisted animal combinations! (My sister Danielle made one of these once, taking some lobster claws from one toy and sewing them onto the paws from another toy to make a Doberman Pinscher.)

Human Dental Cast Mold from Raven of Skys
Leave this authentic teeth mold from a now-defunct dentist's office on the mantel for Halloween or display them near your toothbrush all year long--either way you're gauranteed to up your house's freaky factor by about 937 percent.

Recycled Spooky Creature Pouch by Merry Roseberry
The character on this pouch... he's just a little... creepy. I love it!

"Meat Hooks" photography print by Damaged
I know what you did this summer--you got a little freaked out by this photograph of meat hooks, and then you found a home for it in your kitchen. Better yet, make people wonder. Hang it near the toilet in your bathroom.


It's your turn! Do a search for the word freaky on Etsy--what's your favorite Freaky Friday item?

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