Finally--the 88 Have a New Album (it's Eponymous)!

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Aw, we've missed the 88. It seems that recently, we've heard these makers of glorious pop songs more on TV than on the radio (betcha didn't know they performed Community's theme song!). But now that we know that their latest, THE 88 (on 88 Records, via Rocket Science), will be out Sept. 14 on iTunes, we can breathe easy. (The actual record will be available at retail and through all digital outlets on Sept. 28.)
In between opening and backing Ray Davies of the Kinks, the band produced and recorded the 11-song album.

In the meantime, we you can download the 88 single "Love Is The Thing" here. It's gimmicky, sure (it was recorded entirely on an iPhone, using the FourTrack application), but pretty catchy nonetheless:

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