It's Not Obama, It's LA Sno: Whoompers Conspiracy Laid To Rest, Finally

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Chris Victorio
President Barack Obama at a Town Hall Meeting in Costa Mesa last March
You deserve an update: After Stephen Colbert investigated the so called-conspiracy, Gawker finally got DC The Brain Supreme and Steve Roll'N, the Atlanta-based rappers formerly known as Tag Team, to comment on the hoopla over whether or not President Obama was an extra on the 1993 video "Whoomp! (There It Is)." Read what Tag Team has to say about this, AND watch a video featuring the Obama look-a-like after the jump. Here's what LA Sno looks like:


And here's a snippet of the Gawker interview with Tag Team:

OK, so let's get the definitive word. Is the President of the United States in your video?

DC: Nah, it's not the President of the United States.

Do you know who it is?

DC: Who is it, Steve?

Steve Roll'N: A friend of ours named L.A. Sno. 

DC: Yeah. But it really does look like Obama. He could have been there. You just don't know.

Does L.A. Snow even resemble Obama at all?

DC: I don't think he looks like Obama.

Steve: Nah, he doesn't. He's way light-skinned.

DC: That's why they call him "Snow."

Steve: And he's got a pill head. Like, a square pill head. He looks nothing like Obama. Obama's head is round. And he's got big ears. They just got that one frame shot that just looks like him.

Steve: 'Cause I looked at it and was like "wow," he does look like him. That's cool.

There's also an official White House denial from White House spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield about the President's involvement in the video--which was basically, "It's not him."

Here's LA Sno in Playa Poncho's video, "Whatz Up, Whatz Up." He's the guy with the goatee, and in the first shot is wearing a maroon basketball jersey and sunglasses. (In other shots he's wearing a white basketball jersey without sunglasses.) Can you see a resemblance at all?

Playa Poncho - Whatz Up, Whatz Up feat. LA Sno
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