Watch A New Video From Neon Indian, Then Go To The Detroit Bar Tonight

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MySpace / Dagny Piasecki
Unlike all the other fans of "chillwave king" Neon Indian, you, dear OC resident, actually have a choice. You can either watch the video of the  "Sleep Paralysist" single on Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound imprint, which came out  AOL today, or you can go see the electrosynth master live tonight at the Detroit Bar.. Your choice.
Directing team Focus Creeps shot the video in Lexington, Kentucky. Scenes of a life-size doll house, altars, levitating girls and a white horse make for the kind of video that feels like a dream that you wake up really freaked out by and tell all your friends about five hours later.

In an interview with Spinner, which also hosted a making-of clip, director Ben Chappell says, "the murky plot is loosely based around Neon Indian mastermind Alan Palomo becoming 'a tourist in this big hallucinatory land, so he passes through all these different crazy scenarios.'"

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