Ride Michael Jackson In Sacramento

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Flickr user Inkyhack
The Balloon Samba in San Jose last year
Still not over the King of Pop's passing? Maybe you can pay tribute by riding amusement rides from Neverland Ranch--only seven hours away in Sacramento's California State Fair. The State Fair's carnival will feature four rides purchased from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch from July 14 to August 1.  These include the Balloon Samba, which features carriages that simulate riding in a hot air balloon; The Jeeps, where kids can cruise in mini-4x4 (what else) jeeps; the Dragon Wagon Kid Coaster, a kid-sized coaster with gargoyles resembling dancers from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video; and Dinosaurs, a merry-go-round-ish ride.

I suppose it still would've been an attraction even if MJ were still alive, but am I the only one who finds it immensely creepy that even state fairs are capitalizing on bits and pieces of Michael Jackson's life and work after his death? 

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