See You At The Liquid Aloha Fest! Marc B Talks Summer Soundtracks

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To celebrate the 14th anniversary of OC Weekly's annual summer guide, we're co-hosting a party with the Kona Brewing Co. at The Strand, 500 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach on Saturday, 3 to 8 p.m. It's all ages, and free--so you have no excuse to miss it! There'll be a Kona Beer Garden, after which Danny Maika plays at a 21+ party at Shorebreak Hotel.
We're also letting you preview most of the artists on the lineup; Marc Beauregard's Q&A is the first in the Liquid Aloha Fest series of Q&As.

Marc Beauregard a.k.a Marc B blends surf music with acoustic guitar rock. Bandmates bassist Yoni Berk and percussionist Maxx Farris joined last year, and they provide a steady rhythmic background for Beauregard's mellow pop stylings. His Yellow Jelly E.P is available on iTunes and the single, "The River" was featured on pro surfer Kelly Slater's 9th World Title video. Fans of Sublime, Jack Johnson and Matt Costa will dig this groovy trio. 

OC Weekly (Danielle Bacher): When was the last time you got lei'ed?
Marc Beauregard: When and where I receive floral necklaces is my personal business, thank you very much!

What song do you have that's a soundtrack to summer?
"The River" or "Mellow." Seriously, all of it. You should all listen to my music.

Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?
It has to be fresh pineapple. None of this canned crap.

Which band member looks best in a bikini?
Extremely inappropriate. Our bass player far.

What's your favorite band to listen to on the beach?
Your mom's band. No, just kidding. She's not in a band. It's got to be Bob Marley. He reminds me of banana trees.

Who is a better tanning buddy: George Hamilton or David Hasselhoff?
Fake tan: G. Ham. Real tan: D. Hass

How does the band like to cool off?
We like to cool off with a dip in the ocean and a little Liquid Aloha. We'll see you all there at 5 p.m., sea people!

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