Save The Date: 6/6/10 Is The Fourth International Day Of Slayer

Obviously launched on 6/6/06, this Sunday marks the fourth year that heavy metal fans can unite to celebrate the International Day of Slayer (IDoS for short). That, and they can "demand the official recognition of June 6 as a public holiday."

Observers of this metal holiday would stage "Slay-outs;"  "Listen to Slayer at full blast in your car, in your home, at your place of employment, and in any public place you prefer;"--and skip headphones. They're considered an offense to the movement. First launched as a response to the American "National Day of Prayer," (held on the first Thursday of May), the IDoS Board asked the White House for official recognition last year.  

In an interview with AOL's NoiseCreep, Slayer's Kerry King said, "I think it's awesome, and it's totally cool that fans have taken the time to maintain it.  Slayer should have a national holiday - there are enough stupid holidays out there, so why not have one for us?"

Slayer is touring its latest set, World Painted Blood.  The band will be at the Long Beach Arena on Aug. 30.  

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