Gettin' Made: Update on the Square Card Reader

Remember a month ago when I excitedly told you all about the amazing new Square card reader? (Click here if you need your memory refreshed.) Turns out we're all going to have to wait a bit longer to receive our free card readers.

(picture taken from the Square website)
Did you sign up for a free Square card reader? Are you waiting by the mailbox for it to arrive? Keep waiting...

After the jump, details on the Square card reader delay.

In an email sent recently to folks waiting with baited breath for their free smartphone credit card readers, Square CEO Jack Dorsey basically put his hands up and apologetically said sorry Charlie, we're not quite ready yet. An excerpt from his email states:

"Until recently, we were facing a big hardware shortage, but that is now resolved (we sent our co-founder Jim to China for a couple weeks to arrange better manufacturing, and that did the trick). The problem has transitioned to something we've been working on simultaneously, a credit processing and risk issue. We need to strengthen our underwriting infrastructure so that we can handle the huge demand for readers and still manage the risk of chargebacks and fraud. This is the last thing preventing us from shipping readers as fast as we'd like, and we have pretty much the entire team working on it."

If you were hoping to break in your new Square card reader at one of this summer's craft shows, you'll probably want to look into other options for accepting credit cards for the time being. I've used Propay in the past and it's been great! Click here to get the Etsy discount code for a Propay account.


For the full update from Square's CEO on the credit card reader delay, click here.

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