Gettin' Made: Pictures from Yesterday's Patchwork Show

It was such a great day at Patchwork in Santa Ana on Sunday! It was beautiful out, so hot the backs of my knees were crazy-sweaty (too much information?), and amazing handmade crafts were in abundance! New this time around was the shutting down of Buffalo Street to make room for a more spacious booth layout, which I loved.


After the jump, check out more pictures and get the scoop on the next Patchwork show.

Literary Necklaces and Scrabble Charms by Found and Made Designs

Found and Made's booth was great, so much vintage ephemera to get lost in! These Literary Necklaces really drew me in like a good book should!

KB Van Horn of Kokoleo waves hello from her booth

It was bittersweet seeing KB at the Kokoleo booth yesterday - we've done many a craft show together, and I recently learned she and her family are moving to Seattle at the end of the month. I'm sad to see her go, but I know big things are on the horizon for her - I'm super excited to talk to her for an OC Weekly post in the future about the crafty scene up north!


Succulent plant terrarium by Lexi Lee of LIttle Bit

Succulents are a big trend in craftiness right now, and I completely loved seeing Lexi's take on it yesterday - she had a whole slew of planters that had little creatures worked in (like the dinosaur pictured above), that just kinda transformed the planters into little fantastical worlds. Translation: SUPERCUTE.

Siamese Fencing League t-shirt by Maiden Voyage Clothing

I can't lie. I really want one of these shirts. I was digging everything in the Maiden Voyage Clothing booth - really vintage feeling graphics with a humorous vibe, something I can always get behind.


Tin Can Skulls by Rawbone Studio

These folk arty Day of the Dead style skulls are so much fun - I love that they're made from recycled tin cans, too! Small pieces of art like this are great because you don't have to commit one entire wall to one piece - you can assemble different colors and pieces together to create a really vibrant fun art wall in your house!

Didn't make it to Patchwork yesterday? Never fear, you can relive the day by clicking here to check out all the pictures I took for you! And don't forget - Patchwork comes back at the end of the month with another craft fair in Long Beach. For details on the upcoming 6/27 Patchwork show, visit the website.

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