Gettin' Made: Get Outta Here, June Gloom!

I'm so excited it's the end of the month already--I just can't stand the June Gloom! You don't have to let it get you down, though: lots of Etsy crafters have taken the gloomy inspiration to make some really great projects!

"June Gloom" painting by Sharon Schock

After the jump, check out more gloomy-day inspired items from Etsy artisans.

Grey, Gray and Purple Clip and Pin by Flippity Flops

I love how this clip picks up all of the less than happy colors of a typical June Gloom morning and combines them into a really cute hair clip. The fact that the piece converts easily into a pin you can wear on your sweater is icing on the gloomy cake!

June Gloom labradorite bracelet by Shanna Michele

This Mission Viejo crafter got it right naming this after the June Gloom! As with the above hair clip, I really like that the colors used are June Gloom inspired, but the finished bracelet is anything but sad.

Gloomy Sunday print by Rustic Goth

I was just wondering... outside of Halloween is the June Gloom season a goth kid's favorite time of year? Inquiring minds want to know!

Sad Old Rainy Day necklace by RicecakeShack

I know we haven't really gotten any rain this month, but look at this sad little raindrop! I hated to risk him getting any sadder by not sharing him with you!

Heartbroken Mouse card by K T Crawford

This little mouse is sad and gloomy for another reason entirely--won't you heal his broken heart by giving him a home?

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