Flier of the Week: Jameson and Voxhaul Broadcast at the Gypsy Lounge, Fri. June 4

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We know what you're thinking. How did this Eared Grebe, an industrious and enchanting species of water fowl, manage to put on a suit and gloves?  But for the sake of time, we'll have to depart from this mind boggling question and draw your attention to the equally amazing line-up of bands showing up to Gypsy Lounge tomorrow night. Showcasing a fine flock of local talent, this Lake Forest hang-out is hosting singer-songwriter Jameson. Pouring out a soulful deluge of acoustic folk, this Santa Ana artist (who is also the guitarist for Santa Ana's Echo Echo) will perform with a full band for the first time in over a year. So yeah, it's something you don't see everyday---much like our bird butler friend. He'll be joined by LA (by-way-of-OC) band Voxhaul Broadcast, who also happen to be featured in this week's Local's Only column. Catch them tomorrow before Saturday's sold-out show with fellow white hot OC emigrants Local Natives at LA's Bootleg Theatre.

The night also offers us some impressive up-and-comers Big Bad Wolf and Honeypie. All of this adds up to one hell of a show, and one hell of a flier. Ironically, the Eared Grebe hates flying, but that's neither here nor there. Ok, we'll shut up now. Just go to the show.

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