Everyone's Bisexual These Days, Even Vanessa Carlton

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[via Gawker]
Let's see, this week Vanessa Carlton, Lady Gaga, Anna Paquin and Megan Mullally have declared that their sexual radar is on for both men AND women. Aaaaaand nobody cares. I mean, seriously, the difference between liking just men and liking both sexes for women is like the difference between skim milk and 2 percent milk. You can't really taste it if you're using it in cereal.
(Okay, fine, that didn't really make any sense.) But you know what I mean, it really doesn't make a difference to announce these preference. It's not as if they're coming out as homosexuals, which is a big deal for the gay rights movement and helps the cause, for example. Especially since Lady Gaga has never been with a woman, and Mullaly and Paquin are in monogamous relationships with men. (And like I said, no one really cares what Vanessa Carlton is doing these days anyway.)

So why are they doing it? In these days when nothing shocks people other than movies such as the Human Centipede, I suspect it's an insidious ploy to have us listen to "A Thousand Miles" again. So there, Vanessa! Are you happy now?

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