Ralph Hinkley Syndrome Offers Free Album Downloads on Memorial Day

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Ralph Hinkley Syndrome, self-titled
On today's sunny celebration of the men and women who fought and died for American freedom, local band Ralph Hinkley Syndrome attempt to repay the troops the best way they know how: by giving them some free music.

For Memorial Day only, the band announces that they'll be offering free downloads of their latest self-titled album (reviewed last December on our blog) to all soldiers and civilians who happen to dig their music. It seems fitting, given that the band takes their name from a short-lived character on the '80s TV series, The Greatest American Hero. Remember that show? No? Well download the album and then Google it or something. Those who haven't heard of RHS are in for '90s-inspired coffee shop rock of the highest order. Try it out for free and make it the soundtrack to your BBQ.

Download the album HERE.

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