Gettin' Made: The Cats in the Hats

Etsy has an email list that you can sign up for that delivers a post chock full of good crafty finds to your email every day. It was in Monday's Etsy Finds that I was introduced to the enigmatically named Hong Kong based shop called Shan329. Shan329 doesn't have a huge shop--in fact, at publishing, there's only two items listed. But both items are cat hats. Oh, you heard me. Cat hats.

Eagle Ranger cat hat by Shan329

After the jump, more wacky cat hats!

Chinese Tiger cat hat by Shan329

This is the other cat hat currentlly available from Shan329. I know the cat doesn't look completely pleased about the headwear, but that surly reaction almost adds to the charm...

Panda cat hat by Shan329

Looking through Shan329's past items that have sold reveals this adorable panda hat!

Bunny cat hat by Shan329

Another older creation by Shan329 is this supercute bunny cat hat - here's hoping Shan329 lists more adorable cat hats soon!


For more information on Shan329, visit the Etsy shop.

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