Gettin' Made: Stickin' it to Ya

It seems like the wall decal trend has been around for a while, with everyone from Target to Michaels to Bed, Bath and Beyond carrying them. Did you know you can buy handmade with wall decals, too? Let's take a look at some cool handmade ones by Etsy crafters!

Vinyl Wall Decal Forest by Wall Decors

After the jump, more great wall decal options that let you personalize your space without stepping on your apartment's no-painting rule's toes.

Under the Sea Wall Decal Set by Allie000

I love the kooky style of these underwater guys - it would almost make you happy to get ready for work in the morning! (Almost.)

Out of the Woods wall decal by Tweetheart Wall Art

Lookin' to class up your place a little bit? This swirly deer in your living room would probably do the trick.

We Aim to Keep Clean decal by Staker Sensations

Or is your problem that your place is too classy? We've got you covered there, too. Slap this baby on your toilet and you're good to go!

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