Free Download: Spanish Moss, 'Self-Titled EP'

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Cover art for the new self-titled Spanish Moss EP. We're told it's a photo of a piece of be the judge
Though it's been about two years since we've mentioned them on Heard Mentality, the gritty, fibrous taste of Spanish Moss is still fresh in our  memory. Hailing from Fullerton, this sharp young three-piece evokes the bluesy voodoo of the The Black Keys and a bit of fuzz and frenzy inspired by the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Today, the band released a brand new self-titled EP with six new tracks available for free download. Even if you've never heard of them, how can you pass up a chance to get something for free, especially on a Monday?

Recorded at the ArtiSans Label studios in Fullerton, tracks like "Coal Black Shadow" and "Don't Let Go" showcase the bent note riffage of lead guitarist Ian Caddick coupled with the the quivering, Dan Auerbach-esque vocals of singer/guitarist Thomas Madden. Rounded off by the stripped-down and forceful thuds of drummer Ricardo Zafra, the songs on the new EP are a raucous, and welcomed update to their first release, the Labour Deruta EP back in 2008. Stream the EP on their MySpace and then dowload it for free here. We'll be keeping an eye and an ear out for these guys this summer as they rip through a grimy OC dive bar stage near you.

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