Free Download: LMNO + Theory Hazit, 'It's So Sweet'

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LMNO eating.jpg
Try to take a free sample off LMNO's plate and this is the look you get.
So we figure we'd send you out in to the weekend with a free download. Yeah, we're charitable like that. Especially when it comes from Long Beach rapper LMNO. The constant barrage of new music is courtesy of his epic 10-album recording project this year. Find an appetizer track in preparation of his upcoming album, Determined to Fly, after the jump. We've spoken about it ad nauseum at this point so click here to get educated. Anyway, he recently collaborated with fellow underground rapper/producer Theory Hazit on a remix of a song called" It's So Sweet" featuring a chopped an screwed sample of "Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got)" by the Four Tops. Think of it as a soulful way to end the work day. It should also get some of you pumped about LMNO's fifth album release this year, "Determined to Fly." A fitting title right about now, since most of you can't wait to clock out and get your three-day-weekend party on. Enjoy.

Theory Hazit LMNO- It's so sweet (Remix) by user52708

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