Arcade Fire's Back: New Songs + Album Release Date

Categories: album preview
Our favorite tortured Canadians are back, finally. Yesterday, BBC's Radio 1 leaked two new songs from Arcade Fire. The band just released a double A-side 12″ single, and the BBC played both songs --"The Suburbs" and "Month of May"--twice on air. They do not disappoint, and I'm looking forward to my new summer soundtrack. (Listen to the new songs after the jump)

Today, the Arcade Fire announced the release date for their third full-length, The Suburbs. It will be out August 3 on Merge.
Here's "Month of May."

Here's "The Suburbs."

If you pre-order the album at you can download both songs immediately (and legally!). Oh, Arcade Fire. We missed you so. We'll see you kooky Canadians on tour this summer (dates have been confirmed, but not announced yet.)

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