Tonight: Blok, Big Whup, the Silent Comedy and Honeypie Launch Everyday Noise at Detroit

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We mentioned last week that Everyday Noise, the online local music magazine started by ex-Weekling/current Weekly contributor Albert Ching and KUCI radio host/Orange County music publicist Ashley Eliot, had launched. 

But the site's actual launch party, see, is this week. Tonight. At Detroit Bar.

The poster above says most of the basics. It's free, and there are good bands playing, like BLOK, who make every event entertaining. Want more details? We just conducted an exclusive interview with Ching on Gchat. This is how professionals work! Read on to learn of the edibles available tonight.

2:51 PM me: i would like to conduct an interview with you about tonight's show
 Albert: k
 me: will there be cupcakes?
2:52 PM Albert: don't you want to do this properly?
 me: no
  dang i was gonna play it straight and just paste our gchat in
 Albert: oh
  we can still do that
  let's just rewind
 me: ok
  i would like to conduct an interview with you about tonight's show
2:53 PM Albert: sure
 me: will there be cupcakes?
 Albert: looks like it!
2:54 PM I saw a pic of one in development
  beta tested-cupcake
 me: alright! i heard talk of sno cones too. please advise.
2:57 PM Albert: that idea was mostly abandoned when it became clear it was going to be like 45 degrees outside tonight
2:58 PM me: that's probably smart
  why's it a launch party if the site's already launched?
2:59 PM Albert: it was what we call in the biz a "soft launch"
  like how sometimes stores or restaurants have grand openings after they're actually opening
3:00 PM after they're already opened.
  that makes more sense.
  let's go with that.

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