Gettin' Made: Tax Time!

Here we are, another tax time... Whether you ended up paying the Man, getting a fat return, or (eep!) filing an extension to deal with it all later, there's great tax-time themed stuff to check out on Etsy!

Income Tax Filing Reminder bracelet by Kimari Jewelry

After the jump, get ready for some more deductions from your pocketbook when you see these great tax-y items!

Death and Taxes keychain by Pablo Alto

Pulp fiction artwork gets me every time, and I'm lovin' this keychain that features front and back cover art from a vintage pulp novel in Pablo Alto's personal collection!

Art Deco Girl by PaintAllDay

Such a unique idea! PaintAllDay has a whole series of original artwork that was created on vintage 1960s tax-recording paper!

Pre-tax Relief Heirloom Veggie kit from DigDirtCheap

If paying taxes has left your budget a little high and dry, seriously consider growing some of your own organic fruits and veggies this summer. It's way cheaper than buying high-priced produce at grocery stores, and is seriously relaxing!

Very Taxing Necklace from Ach Ach Liebling

What a great little pendant made from a 1930's vintage sales tax coin!

Tax Man novelty pincushion by Sew Sew Suckur Toe

Bottom line, tax season isn't easy on anyone - has it left you with some pent up aggression? Better pick up this voodoo doll to let some of that out so you can kick back and enjoy life again! (Until next April 15, that is.)

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