Gettin' Made: It's Freaky Friday Time!

It's that time of the week again, folks. The time when we celebrate the freaky crafts that people make and list for sale on Etsy - crafts that folks themselves have called freaky, and were made for the fun of it (and to freak you out of course!).

Freaky Man Pillow by BugRose

Check out the awesomely off-kilter drawing style of this hand-embroidered pillow - I'm pretty sure your Aunt Mildred would love one of these on her couch!

After the jump, more Freaky Friday finds...

Evil Eye pendant by Twisted Sister Arts

Wear this to your next big meeting and be sure to make your coworkers deliciously uncomfortable!

Danny Man Candy earrings by Literary Tease

The Literary Tease shop describes these earrings as something like a magician's assistant - wear the top half of this seaside hunk on one side, and the bottom half of him on the other! Or, rock the one earring look and just wear the bottom half. Your choice!

Freaky Fish cat scratcher by Freaky Fish

Get your pets in on the Freaky Friday fun by purchasing one of these fun cat scratchers for your freaky feline!

Freaky Bird Skull necklace by Coppertina

Last but not least, this beautifully detailed bird skull necklace is just plain creepy and cool, all at the same time. It's your turn! What's your favorite freaky find on Etsy?

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