Gettin' Made: Corporeal Construct Art Show Opening Tomorrow

Saturday night make plans to visit Santa Ana for the opening of the Corporeal Construct art show - this collection of sculptural and installation pieces aims to show that while we humans may distinguish ourselves with reason, a bigger brain, and opposable thumbs, we remain animals and connected to life within and around us.

I wanna live inside Laura Goble's spherical piece for a while; I think it might be cozy!

After the jump, all the details on where and when you can see the Corporeal Construct show.

The artists in the exhibition include Vicki Barkley, Maria Csepanyi, Laura Goble, Tamara Mason, Dao Nguyen, and Kelly West. They come together to join organic form with construction, exploring the dynamics between human intervention and nature. The primarily three-dimensional pieces have physical presence and inhabit spaces that confront the viewer with references to the body, whether it be that of the viewer's or another's.

"Trophy" by Dao Nguyen

The Corporeal Construct show will be at DDR Projects at 712 N. Santiago Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 from April 17 through May 8. The opening reception takes place from 7-9pm on Saturday, April 17 and viewings over the next three weeks are available by appointment. For information on setting up an appointment to view the show, contact John Geldbach at

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